Events – Introduction

Each day, we are confronted with uncertainties, disruptions (negative developments) and insecurity which if not properly understood and managed could dampen our spirit and those around us. Thus our Seminars, Workshops and Trainings are tailored to factor several human abilities, fears and suspicions to bridge the gap fueled by the continuous global economic changes and organizational transformation.

At the end of our programme, each participant would have fully appreciated the wisdom in job redesigning, organizational transformation and the global economic changes as well as equipped professionally to handle issues arising therefrom as it relates to the environment, circumstances and situations.

We encourage organizations and individuals to take advantage of our programmes to achieve greater heights. Below are details:

  1. Effective Communication in Modern Organization
  2. Records Management in the Information Age
  3. Understanding the Dynamics of Management – Labour Collaboration in a transforming Economy
  4. Improving Organizational Efficiency Through Quality Service Delivery
  5. Supervisory Management and Team Leadership